Strategy & Investment Criteria

Strategy & Investment Criteria

Investment Size

$1M – $10M Transaction Size (smaller investment size allows us to diversify our assets and spread the risk across multiple properties). Average loan size not to exceed 70% loan to value

Investment Criteria

1).  Absolute Net Leased (NNN) Single Tenant Properties (long-term core or value add assets)
2).  Mixed Use Properties (ideally with anchor tenant having long term lease)
3).  Multifamily Properties (minimum occupancy of 70%)

Our strategy comprises of two key goals

1. Identify and acquire high yield, value-add and long-term hold assets

2. Realize consistent, superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

We leverage our relationships with credit worthy corporate and franchisee tenants to create value in the properties we acquire.


While we are focused largely in the midwest we look for properties in the mid-atlantic and southeastern regions of the U.S. We look for single tenant and mixed-use assets in secondary and tertiary cities/towns with strong sales and low rent to sales ratios.

Joint Venture Program

We take pride in investing our funds alongside our investors. We believe this not only provides comfort and a basis for risk-assurance for our clients, but also allows us to exemplify our core values of trust/integrity, accountability, and cooperation. Our reputation is very important to us so we strive to not only meet the preferred returns for our investors, but also exceed investor satisfaction.